Kumkum Bhagya & ETRETR Twists


    The love will win for the lovers. Abhi and Pragya come close, which shocks Aaliya. Aaliya’s hatred will lose out infront of their love. On the other hand, Raja and Rani are celebrating their love after all the plannings by Bindu failed. Badi Rani Maa is upto some big plan once again.

    Abhi has reached police station and is annoyed with Pragya. Pragya is also annoyed with him. Abhi and Pragya get to see each other. It has to be seen how this annoyance ends. Pragya is everything for Abhi, and yet their relation always suffers. Abhi will be saving Pragya from Aaliya’s plans. Meanwhile, Raja has to find some way to fail Bindu and Badi Rani Maa’s plans, as they have returned to the haveli and Raja-Rani’s lives again. Keep reading.


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