Beyhadh — Maya to hurt Arjun


    Arjun has made efforts and comforted Maya. Maya is fighting with her bitter past and trying to move on. Maya starts liking Arjun and takes a step towards him. Maya does not want to see Saanjh with Arjun. Maya smiles seeing Arjun’s pic.

    Maya asks Arjun for his help and gets friendly with him. Arjun gets too friendly and forgets her impulsive nature. Even Maya’s family does not want what she will do. Maya wants to throw Arjun out of her life like a thorn in her way. Arjun is fearless and stands infront of Maya’s car when she speeds up ahead. Maya gets angry on Arjun and hurts him angrily. How will Arjun deal with Maya’s behaviour? Keep reading.


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