Randhawa frames Omkara in a new guilt


Priyanka asks Randhawa not to call her again. Omkara gets to know of Randhawa troubling Priyanka. She reveals Randhawa is coming college every day and insisting to drop her home. She feels Omkara was right about Randhawa.

Randhawa does not have proof against them and is just predicting. She says she is strongest and will not break down in front of Randhawa. Randhawa calls Omkara and asks him to check few photos carefully. Omkara gets a boy’s photo and asks Randhawa about the boy. Randhawa says it’s that woman’s boy whom you killed. He blames Omkara to make the boy an orphan. Omkara gets in more guilt. Omkara sinks in guilt to punish a little boy by snatching his mother. What will Omkara do now? Keep reading.


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