More twists around Tia’s secret relation in Ishqbaaz


Pinky is excited for Shivay and Tia’s first puja together. Anika makes all the arrangements. Jhanvi asks Pinky not to be so worried for puja. Pinky says it’s very important puja. Tia does not like Pinky’s choice and upsets her.

Shivay supports Pinky and finals the color. Pinky directs Anika about the puja. Shivay helps Anika and they together place the puja kalash. Pinky sees the right placement of kalash.

Pinky praises Tia and calls her very simple and obedient. Anika tells Pinky about Shivay gifting Tia a beautiful pendant. Pinky asks Shivay about it. Shivay says I did not gift anything to Tia. Anika says I have seen the gift with Tia. Tia clears that Shivay did not gift her. Anika asks Tia about the personal gift. Tia lies that her mom gave her that gift. Shivay asks Anika about her mistake to misunderstand always.

Later, Anika makes thandai for everyone, according to Dadi’s recipe. She remarks Tia for cheating in love. Shivay observes Anika’s firing on Tia. Anika thinks Tia is too smart, but she will expose Tia. Anika asks for some name by letter D. Tia gets a shock. Anika makes story of a baby’s naming ceremony, and name is needed by letter D. Anika hears Tia talking to her boyfriend. She gets the lead that the guy will be coming as courier guy to meet Tia. Anika thinks of not missing this chance. But, will Anika succeed this time or is this lead a wrong input by Tia? Keep reading.


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