Mass Wedding twist for Rudra and Soumya


Rudra goes to drop Soumya. Romi calls him and he does not answer as he lied to her that he is going abroad. Rudra and Soumya get a huge shock seeing Romi in Devi attire, blocking their way. Romi tells Rudra that she has come to drop her to airport along with her blessings.

Rudra asks her not to take trouble. Romi gets angered seeing Soumya with Rudra. Rudra tries to avoid Romi. He answers Romi’s questions. Romi insists that she will accompany Rudra. Rudra and Soumya worry. Romi follows Rudra. Rudra drives ahead to get saved by Romi. Soumya tells Rudra that Romi will doubt on them. Rudra tries to make Romi tired of following them. Romi calls Rudra for going somewhere else than airport. Rudra lies that he is taking flight from Pune. He asks her to go and give darshan to her devotees. Romi agrees.

Rudra and Soumya get down at cafe to have food. Rudra’s car gets stolen. Rudra and Soumya run after the car and follow till they get tired. They see a cottage and go to see what’s happening. Mass marriage is happening there. A man misunderstands Rudra and Soumya to be a couple, who lost marriage costumes. Rudra and Soumya drink Thandai. They are not aware of mass marriage. Rudra and Soumya are taken for marriage. What would happen next? Keep reading.


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