Anika’s attempts to expose Tia crash out… in Ishqbaaz


Anika keeps an eye on Tia to see who is that D. She wants to see the person coming as courier boy. She feels Tia is dying to meet her boyfriend. The courier boy finally arrives. Tia manages to meet him. Anika calls her too shameless to take the guy to her room. Anika thinks to inform Shivay and record Tia’s video.

Later on, Shivay arrives home. He wants to check on Omkara at the earliest, but Anika stops Shivay. She asks him to see Tia first. He does not listen. She says Omkara is fine and takes him to show Tia with her boyfriend. She asks him to see Tia’s real character. She says I m not mad to blame Tia for no fault. She shows the messed up room, but Tia manages to fail Anika’s plans. The courier guy gets a photo frame. Tia fixes that in her room to surprise Shivay. Anika’s attempts to catch Tia red-handed with her boyfriend, but she fails. Tia gets saved from getting exposed in nick of the time. Anika confronts Tia for cheating on Shivay, to which Tia cleanly denies. Whom will Shivay believe now? Keep reading.


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