Devanshi – Kusum under suspicion


Mohan kidnapped Devanshi and sending her with the child traffickers. But when the matter reaches Kusum by Rajjo and Omi, Kusum acts to show her greatness and promises to get Devanshi back in an hour.

Sarla also does her drama and vows to burn herself alive if her daughter does not come. But, Devanshi has come back from the evil kindgom to end Mata Kusum Sundari’s sin pot. Kusum and Mohan want Devanshi off their way, but Kusum does not want to put her kingdom at stake. Kusum feels they have less threat by Devanshi, while Mohan alerts Kusum again and again that Devanshi has potential to challenge Kusum.

Rajjo and Ashutosh ask Devanshi whose name did she hear, who has kidnapped her. Devanshi tells the car number, and everyone realize its servant Mohan’s car. Devanshi then shocks everyone by saying the goons were taking Mata Kusum Sundari’s name. Will this revelation expose Kusum’s pretension? Keep reading.


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