Shivay irked over finding Anika’s life partner in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz: Finally Shivay accepts his marital bond

Anika beautifully decorates the hall. Tia switches off the power and confronts Anika for her doings. Anika taunts Tia for cheating Shivay. Anika understands Tia planned all this to trap her. Anika asks her to value relationship. Tia asks Anika to be away from Shivay and her.

Anika wants to know why Tia is marrying Shivay if she does not love him. Tia asks her not to break her marriage, as they are paying Anika for organizing the marriage. She threatens to fire Anika from work.

Shivay is thankful to Tia for forgiving Anika. Tia tells him that they should find a life partner for Anika. She says Anika has frustration of loneliness. Shivay praises Anika and says she is very happy being single and independent. He is sure that Anika does not need a lover, as her life goals are different. She suggests they should find someone for Anika. She says Shivay is destined to find Anika’s partner. Shivay gets restless hearing this. What will Shivay do now? Keep reading.


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