Colors’ Mini Spoilers


Naagin 2: Shivangi goes to attack Amar by her Naagin avatar. Shivanya calls Amar at the temple. She bites him and he falls down the temple stairs. Kinshuk Mahajan will enter the show soon and bring a twist in Rocky and Shivangi’s love story.

SSK: Simar and Prem dance. Vikram and Anjali also dance along with them. Prem and Simar behave nicely as Anjali’s inlaws are sitting infront of them. Prem does not will to dance with Simar, but just pretends to be happy with Simar. Anjali gets drunk and dances with Vikram on the stage. They both perform on a romantic number. Piyush and Vaidehi perform, followed by Mata ji’s performance.


Soumya has fallen in big problem. She landed between the goons. She hears them talking that they will taking her out of city. Harman will come in nick of the time and save Soumya.


Chakor comes to rescue Suraj and tells everyone that she will not give divorce papers to Suraj. Chakor tears the divorce papers infront of Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji gets angry and tells villagers that they will not get freedom now. Imli was attacking on Suraj. Suraj feels he has to live and get Bhaiya ji punished. Imli and Chakor planned to scare Suraj together. Chakor makes Suraj realize to value his life and get Bhaiya ji against the bars.

Swaragini: There is much emotional drama. Ragini removes her mangalsutra and gives to Annapurna. Ragini has gotten over Laksh’s love and cries.


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