Colors’ Mini Spoilers


Kawach:Rajbeer’s car catches fire. Paridhi comes with the family and saves Rajbeer’s life by getting him out of the car. Rajbeer gets saved by the accident. Rajbeer and Paridhi will be ending Saudamini’s evil rule.


The villagers have become against Chakor. Bhaiya ji played the game and told villagers that he will make them all free of bandhuagiri, if Chakor gives divorce to Suraj. The villagers ask Chakor to leave Suraj. Tejaswini is trying that Chakor does not leave Suraj, else Bhaiya will find Suraj and kill him. The goons catch Suraj. Tejaswini pleads to Chakor to support Suraj.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Kosi was marrying Naman in the temple. Pandey family gets shocked seeing this. Kosi hugs Bihaan and tries to explain him. Vasundara cries and tells Bihaan that Thapki was saying true about Kosi and Naman, and they did big mistake to not believe her. Vasundara regrets for not believing Thapki.

Naagin 2:

Shivangi’s Mu Dikhai rasam is happening. A lady slaps Sesha for eyeing her husband. She scolds Sesha/Ruchika and asks her to be away from her husband. The guests give gifts to Shivangi and praise her beauty. Rocky gets mesmerized seeing Shivangi.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Someone has stolen Anjali’s wedding mangalsutra and keeps it in Vaidehi’s purse. Vaidehi gets slapped by Anjali. She does not know who has done this. Simar will find about it.


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