Daksh’s entry to start new mystery in Ishqbaaz


The viewers of Ishqbaaz will be getting to see a new entry of Daksh. Daksh will bring the love triangle between Anika and Shivay. Tia predicts Anika’s life partner will be soon entering her life. Just then, Daksh makes an entry. This surely makes Shivay fall in Tia’s words and start worrying.

Daksh waits for Shivay’s driver to pick him, while Anika reaches the station for a carpenter. Daksh’s cool attitude spoils when someone spoils his clothes. Anika does not get the carpenter. She hears Daksh hiring an auto for Oberoi mansion. She assumes him to be carpenter and asks him to come to Oberoi mansion. Daksh talks to her and asks where is the driver. Anika jokes she will call chopper for him. He says Billu ji’s carpenter is of his status to travel in chopper. She asks him to call Shivay as Sir, not Billu. She scolds him and threatens to send him back. She takes him on her scooty. Anika takes Daksh’s interview and asks him how does he not have manners if he is educated. Daksh gets introduced to Champa, her scooty. Daksh likes the ride and tells her that its better than any chopper’s ride. Daksh’s character has many layers to get revealed. There will be new mystery around Daksh. Keep reading.


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