Tia to break Shivika’s bonding in Ishqbaaz


Pinky manages the puja arrangements. Omkara and Shivay wish happy Dhanteras to Dadi. Dadi asks them for Rudra. Rudra and Soumya make a shocking entry, in the banjaran clothes. The family gets shocked seeing them. Rudra and Soumya manage to hide their marriage truth. Tej and Jhanvi start questioning Rudra, while Shivay asks Soumya about being so irresponsible. Rudra makes excuses.

Rudra fears Omkara will tell truth to family. He thinks to tell it himself, but Shivay does not let him speak. Shivay asks Rudra and Soumya to go and change. Rudra and Soumya are disturbed about their marriage. Rudra and Soumya come for puja and sit. Pandit asks about their marriage, which shocks them.

Pinky asks Shivay and Tia to sit in puja together. Tia gets a call and leaves from the havan. Anika stands close. Pandit ji asks Shivay to call his wife. Shivaye assumes Anika to be Tia and makes her sit in the puja along with him. Shivay says she is my would be wife, start the puja. Anika tries to get her hand away. The family gets shocked. Anika makes Shivay turn to her. Shivay gets shocked. Rudra and Soumya find awesome chemistry between Shivay and Anika. Riddhima jokes that Rudra and Soumya are arguing like married couple.

Pinky asks Shivay to get up, that’s Anika. Tia sees both of them. Shivay talks foolish like Anika. Tia asks how did Anika sit in my place. Shivay calls it a mistake. Pinky tells pandit that Shivay held Anika’s hand by mistake. Rudra asks Shivay to leave Anika’s hand or hold it forever. Tia asks Anika to get away. Tia angrily thinks to show Anika her right place.


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