Rishabh-Kiara’s engagement next in BrahmaRakshas


Rishabh and Kiara are dancing. Raina takes their photos. Kiara asks Raina to click their pics. Kiara and Rishabh’s engagement is fixed. Rishabh feels like he loves Raina, but after Shivam entered her life, he gets distanced.

Rishabh tells his dad that he is ready to marry Kiara. He is confused and feels Raina has left him for Shivam. Raina feels Rishabh does not love her and left her for Kiara. The family is happy and celebrating. They all dance together. Raina and Rishabh are not making each other jealous intentionally. But, their intention is not such. Its happening that they are angry on each other and hurting their hearts. Rishabh can’t see Raina with Shivam. Raina gets hurt and falls. Before Rishabh could go to her, Shivam reaches her to help. Rishabh gets angry and leaves. Rishabh did not think Shivam will take his place in Raina’s life and gets heartbroken. Keep reading.


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