Diwali comes with twists for Oberois

Ishqbaaz: New twists mark beginning of fresh love tale

Soumya and Rudra argue over Reyaan and Romi. She is going to meet Reyaan. Rudra gets jealous. He tries to find reasons and make her stay back in home. He stops her from meeting Reyaan, and acts like a husband. Soumya asks Rudra to be careful, if anyone hears the truth, they both will be caught up badly. Rudra lets her go.

Riddhima is excited to move in and stay with Omkara. She expresses her happiness and feelings for Omkara. Daksh joins everyone and wishes Diwali. Daksh gets a gift for Anika. Omkara finds Shivay upset. Omkara gets the company documents. He realizes Riddhima’s lie to make him sign the papers. Omkara confronts Tej for the cheat. Omkara gets disheartened by Riddhima’s doings. Riddhima has broken his trust and Omkara breaks their relation. Keep reading.


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