Naina’s entry in Mehra family next in Pardes


Mehra family visits the pub and have a good time. Dadi drinks wine along with everyone. Naina serves the drinks and talks to Dadi. Dadi gets much drink and shows her cool side. Dadi gets impressed with Naina.

Mehra family ladies get to meet Naina. Raghav does not wish Naina to meet his family. Naina does not feel she should hide about her job. Veer got the family to the pub, and tells them that they were liking Naina for him. He plots against Naina and shows they chose a waitress for her. Sanjana likes Veer, but Veer does not. Raghav warns Naina not to interact with Mehra family. Naina does not listen to him, and falls in Veer’s trap. Dadi will take a decision about Naina. Dadi has her set of qualities she is finding in her bahu. Pam does not like Naina and taunts her. Dadi gets impressed with Naina, and chooses her for Veer. This gets shocking for Raghav, Sanjana and Veer. Keep reading.


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