Sesha and Rudra may pair up in Naagin 2


There is a new entry of Kinshuk Mahajan in Naagin 2. He will be entering Yamini’s house. Shivangi is trying hard to expose the evil doers. Rudra takes a disguise of a lawyer. He comes to Yamini’s house to meet Rocky and take his signs in the important files.

Sesha gets stunned seeing him, and likes him. Rudra is a positive character, and will help Shivangi. Rudra too gets mesmerized by Sesha’s beauty. Sesha falls for Rudra, while even Rocky’s sister likes Rudra. Rudra acts as a professional lawyer, and has tons of attitude and charm. Rudra tries to go and meet Shivangi. Shivangi finds Yamini and Ruchika’s relation by some photos. Yamini sees Shivangi with the photo, and gives an explanation to her. Yamini does not want Shivangi to get any documents about her. She tries to cover the matter up. Yamini starts acting and cries, to gain sympathy of the family.


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