Horror and mystery to spice up Shivika’s bonding in Ishqbaaz


Anika gets scared by someone. A mystery person is scaring Anika. Anika is horrified. She shouts who is it and asks the person to come infront of her. The person tells Anika that he is always around her and calculates all her moves.

Anika hides in her own house and shuts all the windows. Anika is scared by all the things planned against her. Anika falls weak. She lights the Diwali decorative diyas. Shivay comes to meet her. He holds Anika and she gets a shock. A tensed Anika gets relieved seeing him and hugs. Anika cries. She needs his support. Shivay consoles her and tells her that he is always there for her. Daksh has done all the worse planning to scare Anika, and keeps an eye on Anika by the black doll he has sent her before. Daksh acts friendly to her, and is targeting her. Daksh is actually Tia’s boyfriend, and taking revenge on Anika. Keep reading.


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