Sesha gets arrested by Shivangi’s plan in Naagin 2


Shivangi has killed Amar. She takes revenge from Sesha, and gets her arrested. Yamini’s birthday party was going on. Yamini cuts the birthday cake and everyone is happy.

The inspector comes home and shows Sesha a message, which is a proof of her crime. Sesha gets arrested. Yamini gets a big shock. Sesha got trapped in Shivangi’s trap. Sesha tells inspector that she has not messaged Amar. Inspector arrests Sesha for the murder crime of Amar. Rocky could not believe Ruchika could do this. Sesha was trying to impress Rudra, and fell in this new trap. Shivangi is getting support from Rudra.

Amar’s dead body is brought in the celebrations party. Amar’s wife cries for him. Sesha asks Yamini to help her out. Yamini too is much worried, and thinks who has done this to trap Sesha. Sesha is taken by the police. Yamini thinks Manav has killed Amar for Sesha, but could not believe Sesha too. Shivangi and Rudra get under suspicion by Yamini. Rudra will be getting exposed by Yamini.


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