Gopi fails Radhika’s theft attempt in Modi house


Radhika is getting haldi applied. Radhika is clever and playing safe, even when Gopi knows her truth. Jaggi does not want to get married. Still, the family is doing the haldi rasam.

Radhika acts sweet to everyone and fools them. Radhika plans to run away before marriage with cash and jewelry. Radhika steals the jewelry and puts in her bags. She thinks to take the jewelry out of the house. She tells Urvashi that its her old clothes and she wants to donate it to ashram. Urvashi gets impressed by her.

Gopi stops Radhika and finds something wrong. Gopi says I know what’s in Radhika’s heart. She tries to expose Radhika and stops her from donating the clothes. Gopi accompanies Radhika and fails her plan. Gopi finds Jaggi unhappy. She feels guilty to push Jaggi in this problem, and determines to take the responsibility of solving it. Will Gopi be able to expose Radhika’s truth? Keep reading.


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