P.O.W. – Tough situation for Nazneen and Harleen


    The POWs Imaan and Sartaj celebrate with families after receiving honor awards. Vikram gets permission from Duggal to run a secret operation and decode Imaan and Sartaj’s conversation done in Morse code.

    Both Imaan and Sartaj try to re begin their lives from where they left and rebuild their relationships with families. Sartaj could not accept Harleen well, by the trauma of 17 long years. Vikram meets an unofficial person to get the Morse code decoded. Nazneen is forced to choose either her past or present. She is badly caught up in a tough situation, where Salim is still waiting for her. Salim asks Nazneen to go ahead with Imaan as he is the best life partner for her. Nazneen and Imaan try to bring happiness in their marriage.


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