Avni to rechristen herself in Naamkarann


Kia and Ali post Avni’s video of saving Neela and beating the goons on the internet. In less time, the video gets viral and Avmi becomes a star. Avni’s fame makes Asha worry. Neela gets to know Avni by watching the video.

Neela finally traces Avni and decides to meet her. Neela organizes an award function for giving a bravery award to Avni. Ashish realizes Neela has found his daughter Avni and tries to cover up Asha and Avni’s truth. Dayavanti asks Ashish to keep Neela away from Avni. Ashish fears that Neela and Avni’s meet will have bad consequences. He tries to make Asha stop Avni from attending the award function.

Asha finds Avni excited about attending the award function and fails to stop Avni. Neela gets glad meeting Avni and gets to know her more. Avni tells Neela about her family with just Asha. Avni drops her surname Mehta. Avni rechristens herself and does her own Naamkarann as Avni Aisha, getting her mother’s name as her surname.



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