Daksh speaks out Anika’s decision to Shivay


Shivay wants to know Anika’s reply to Daksh’s proposal. Anika does not understand what Shivay means to ask. Shivay indirectly asks her. Anika does not guess it and argues in her usual way. She says I have work and can’t waste time to guess what he means to ask.

Shivay gets angry and asks her not to call him Billu ji. He asks her to call him just Shivay. He angrily confronts her about Daksh, who has entered her life to become her life partner. He asks Anika did she say yes. Anika asks him what does he think. Shivay keeps on asking her. Daksh comes to give Anika’s answer. Daksh says Anika said no and broke his heart. Shivay gets super relieved and overjoyed. Daksh acts cool about her answer. Anika praises Daksh to speak out feelings with so much courage, while others like Shivay has no courage even to talk and ask anything. Shivay asks Daksh to talk about work. Daksh gets friendly with Anika. Shivay feels bad to misunderstand Anika.


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