Infuriated Daksh to target Anika in Ishqbaaz


Daksh follows Anika when she leaves for home. Daksh jokes of marriage and asks Anika to come for watching a play with him. Anika refuses, but he takes it as her yes.

Anika reaches her home and sees the house decorated with diyas. She talks to Sahil and asks him about decorations done. Sahil clears that Bua and he did not decorate the house. Anika wonders who has done this. A scary doll falls near her. Anika screams and shouts who is it. Daksh calls her and scares her further by stating her every move.


Shivay asks Daksh to get ready for reunion dinner. Daksh tells Shivay about the reunion happening in disco. Daksh teases Shivay about Anika. Anika calls Shivay for help. Daksh answers and disconnects the call. Shivay calls Anika back. Daksh does not let Shivay call her and takes his phone. Shivay gets worried for Anika. Anika goes to call Shivay from landline and sees the connection wire cut. She finds the door locked and panics. Daksh reaches Anika’s place to scare her. Anika hits him. Shivay comes to meet her, out of concern and finds her in an extremely vulnerable state, which is completely against her personality. Keep reading.


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