Shivay reaches Anika to lend timely support

Ishqbaaz: Finally Shivay accepts his marital bond

Anika is extremely scared. She finds the door open and tries to leave. Someone holds her legs and makes her fall down. Anika does not see that mask guy and hits him. Shivay takes his phone from Daksh and tells him that he will join the dinner in sometime.

Anika gets away from the mask guy. Shivay reaches Anika’s place and finds her completely shaken. Anika sees Shivay and instantly hugs him. Anika breaks down. Shivay consoles her. Anika sits in shock. Shivay helps her come out of the fears. Anika tells him about the attack, but she could not see that guy. Shivay asks her to come to Oberoi mansion, as she will be safe with him. Anika refuses to leave Sahil alone. Shivay arranges security at her house. He asks her not to speak of her strength and refuse his help. He tells Anika that everyone needs a support in life. Shivay feeds water to her. The mask guy sees Shivay and Anika on the laptop screen. Daksh is the mask guy. He fumes with anger. What will Daksh do to break them apart? Keep reading.


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