High Five Spoilers

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BrahmaRakshas: Brahmarakshas is going to ruin Rishabh and Kiara’s marriage ceremony. Everyone is happy and celebrating. Raina can’t do anything when Rishabh is marrying Kiara by his wish. Raina breaks down.

Kiara plays a mean move and asks Raina to do their ghatbandhan. Before Raina could do the ghatbandhan, Aparajita comes there and says that she will do the next rituals. She scares pandit to make him run away. The lights begin to flicker. Aparajita gets the devil avatar and shocks everyone. The marriage stops.

Mere Angne Mein:

Raghav gets to know of Preeti’s doings. To save the family reputation and Kaushalya’s health, he accepts Preeti’s divorce demand. He asks Nandu to give divorce to Preeti. Nandu sees entire family agreeing to Preeti and decides to leave the house. Raghav gets ashamed by Preeti’s steps and could not meet Nandu’s eyes. Preeti forces Nandu to sign on the divorce papers before he leaves from Shanti Sadan.

Santoshi Maa:

Devi Paulmi is glad to get Dhairya as her devotee and is supporting him by filling more negative emotions is his heart and mind. Dhairya’s friend sees Santoshi and asks Dhairya if his wife comes here to study. Dhairya feels insulted and ashamed seeing Santoshi at a poor place. Dhairya can’t bear Santoshi ruining his reputation. Dhairya has got much negative elements in himself, like greed, jealousy, anger, revenge and hatred.


At the award ceremony, Neela asks Avni her full name. Avni rechristens herself to Avni Aisha. It’s a special moment for Asha. Asha gets too emotional. Neela asks Avni her surname. Avni tells her that Aisha is her mother’s name, which she has kept as her surname. Neela asks her about her father’s name. Asha gets shaken up and fears. Avni shows dareness and confidence to answer everyone. Avni tells everyone that her father did not marry her mother, and her mother is her identity. Asha, Ashish and Neela are all proud of Avni, but Ashish gets disheartened losing Avni totally.


Saanjh gets upset for seeing Arjun and Maya walking holding hands. Saanjh manages to see Arjun’s presentation and gets glad. Arjun reveals his amazing work, Maya’s photo on the magazine’s cover page. Maya gets glad, while Saanjh gets a shock. Arjun is smitten by Maya and is boarding a new journey with her. Saanjh was going to propose Arjun. Maya gets crazy seeing Arjun and Saanjh together.


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