Daksh cleverly breaks down Anika’s denial in Ishqbaaz


Daksh respects Anika’s decision and takes her side to win her trust. He asks Tia not to interfere in his matter. Shivay rethinks on Anika’s doings. He gets in dilemma over Anika’s doings is a lie.

Anika reaches home and gets upset by Shivay’s bitter words. To add up her sorrows, the stalker again attacks her. She tries running away and gets hurt. Daksh is scaring her to make her accept his proposal.

Anika’s scream reaches Shivay’s ears by their strong connection. Shivay senses Anika is in big problem. While Anika cries on her wounds, Shivay feels restless about Anika. Dadi tells Shivay that Anika would be at home. Daksh crosses limits. Anika calls Shivay again. Shivay does not answer the call, as he is busy in talks with family. Anika worriedly calls him again, but Tia grabs the phone.


Anika sees the stalker pouring the petrol inside her room. Daksh threatens her to come out, else he will burn her room. Shivay gets to know Anika left for home. Dadi worries that Anika did not inform them before leaving.

Shivay looks for his phone. Tia keeps Anika away from Shivay. Tia clears the call log and passes phone to Tia. Anika does not answer his call and is scared. Daksh comes to her rescue and pacifies her by his fake support. Tia fills Shivay’s ears against Anika. Shivay gets too worried.

Daksh consoles Anika. He tells her that he was worried for her and came to check. She believes him. She says I called Shivay and did not answer. Daksh asks her about her proximity with Shivay, that she calls him in emergency. Daksh does aid to her wound. Daksh uses the opportunity and asks Anika do you like Shivay, is it love that she has immense faith in Shivay. She gets speechless. Will Anika realize her love? Keep reading.


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