Harman is huge dilemma over his decision in Shakti


Preeto is very angry when Harman got Soumya home. Preeto hates Soumya. She raises hand on Soumya, and Harman comes in between. Preeto sees her son getting against her. Harman has got against mother for the sake of his love for Soumya.

Harman and Preeto have an emotional drama at home. There will be much twists. Preeto will not give up soon. Harman is also adamant. Harman is stuck between his choice, to either obey his mother or fulfill his duty towards Soumya. Harman has promised Nimmi that he will fulfill his responsibility, but he does not know to support Soumya or family. Preeto cries and tries to influence Harman by her emotions. Harman is helpless and sees both Preeto and Soumya crying. Even Harman breaks down. Soumya feels bad that Harman is bearing problems because of her.


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