Sangeet functions brings sorrow for Shivay in Ishqbaaz


Omkara begins the sangeet ceremony by a lovely speech to give honor and love to Shivay. Omkara makes his brothers Shivay and Rudra emotional by his words. Omkara is ready to dance for Shivay, despite being a non dancer. The brothers perform and enjoy.

The sangeet function turns a wonderful one for the family. Shivay gets mesmerized seeing Anika. Daksh goes to ask Anika her decision. He asks Anika to reply to his proposal. He requests her not to refuse to him this time. He makes fake promises to keep her happy always. Daksh proposes Anika infront of Shivay and entire family. Shivay calls Daksh crazy and asks him to stop it, as Anika has already refused to him. Shockingly, Anika tells Daksh that its her yes. Anika, who is angry on Shivay, accepts Daksh’s proposal. This turns very upsetting for Shivay. The sangeet function brings more performances by the elder members of the family, and the couple dance, where Shivay and Anika perform.


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