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Maya and Arjun are on a foreign trip. Maya’s madness will be seen. Maya and Arjun board the hot air balloon and reach the heights in the sky. Maya proposes Arjun in the middle of the sky. Arjun gets shocked.

Maya tells Arjun that if he refuses to her proposal, she will jump down the hot air balloon and die. Arjun gets worried and stops Maya from her madness. Maya hugs him, after accepting her proposal.


Mannu has got the rights to be a Waaris and is very happy. Mannu always longed to see his family happy. Amba, Bebe, Simran and Gunjan get happy seeing Mannu dressed as a Shah.

There is a new twist in the show. Amba gets a shock after receiving a note from Charan’s belongings. She reads the letter and gets to know that Charan had another family. Charan had hidden about his wife and son from Amba. The past is giving a knock on Amba’s present.

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Jamai Raja:

Satya has kidnapped Payal’s mum to expose her plan. Payal’s truth will be exposed. Satya is no less and equally clever like Payal.


Indra gets to know this truth about Shani, who is chosen by Mahadev to do justice with everyone. Indra goes to meet Surya and asks him why could he abandon his son and hide in the jungle’s darkness. Surya gets answerable. Chaya gets worried of Surya’s curse on Shani. Surya commands Sandhya/Chaya to get Shani in Suryalok. Shani makes an entry in his home place after ten years and comes face to face with his father. Shani tells Surya that everyone has to bear the consequences of their deeds, someone bears it soon and someone bears later.


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