Shivay unable to accept Anika and Daksh’s bonding in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz: New twists mark beginning of fresh love tale

Daksh was waiting with the ring. He gets glad when Anika tells him that she will marry him. Daksh makes Anika wear the ring. Shivay gets hurt watching this.

Tia congratulates Anika. She acts sweet in front of Shivay. She says Anika has stolen the limelight in her sangeet. Pinky is happy for Daksh getting a nice girl like Anika. Omkara and Rudra find Shivay upset. On the other hand, Dadi has all worries for Anika. She asks Anika to decide by heart and go ahead if she is sure to be happy with Daksh, if she finds Daksh’s love equal to hers. Dadi blesses Anika and Daksh.


Omkara does not do happy shayari for Daksh, and instead sayign thoughtful lines for Shivay. Omkara tells the other side of the story and realization is still left.

Everyone congratulate Daksh, while Shivay is looking at Anika. Shivay leaves from his sangeet. Jhanvi tells Daksh that he could meet Anika as Shivay forced him to attend the marriage functions. Daksh notices Shivay’s jealousy. Shivay congratulates Anika.

Anika feels more bad by his cold behavior and leaves. Anika recalls Shivay’s words. She thinks of Daksh’s proposal and why she accepted it. Anika breaks down while stopping her emotions for Shivay. Sahil makes an entry and sees Anika shattered. Anika cries her heart pain out.

Later on, Shivay is going to tell his feelings to Anika. He gets jealous seeing Anika with Daksh, and decides to tell Anika about his love for her. Shivay’s heart is much hurt and hopes Anika understood his feelings by seeing his eyes. Shivay is angry. He is mistaken seeing Anika and Daksh’s talking about something.

Daksh acts cozy and Shivay wonders if they are romancing. When Anika goes to ask him about marriage arrangements, he gets raging and hurts his hand. Anika takes care of wound. Shivay and Anika’s misunderstanding will end soon.


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