Udaan – Upcoming twists for SuKor


Chakor and Suraj have an argument, after they have tricked the media by acting as good husband and wife. Suraj tells how much tough it is to bear her. Chakor tells Suraj that she also hates him.

Chakor and Suraj can’t live together, and don’t want each other’s names to linked. They have bitter relation. When they reach Yogesh to get evidence against Bhaiya ji, Yogesh keeps a condition asking Suraj to let Chakor marry him, only then he will give him strong evidence against Bhaiya ji, which can send Bhaiya ji back to jail. Suraj is in dilemma over getting hands over the evidence much necessary for him to get Bhaiya ji arrested, or Chakor, who has always been his protective shield. Yogesh forced Chakor to marry him, but Suraj stops in nick of the time. Chakor and Suraj manage to get the evidence from Yogesh.

Later on, Chakor comes to haveli to throw a challenge to Bhaiya ji. Chakor got to know Bhaiya ji’s weakness and challenges him that she will ruin him. Bhaiya ji gets angry and shouts to his men to go and catch Suraj. Bhaiya ji gets worried… Imli finds Bhaiya ji’s tortures increasing and takes a gun to kill Bhaiya ji. Vivaan stops Imli and asks her not to kill anyone, and wait for justice. Will Chakor and Suraj be able to get Bhaiya ji arrested? Keep reading.


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