Ashish and Aladin’s slap drama and Dayavanti’s condition next in Naamkarann


Aladin gets a slap by Ashish. Asha comes in between and stops Ashish. Ashish is angry on Aladin, as he is a stranger and trying to take care of Asha and Avni. Aladin dances with Asha and flirts with her. Aladin pampers Asha and massages her feet.

Aladin teaches Asha how to walk on hover board. Asha stops him. Asha thinks Aladin has some charm. Ashish comes and sees Asha. He tells Asha that he has just come to see her situation and get her welfare. He expresses his love and gives a mangalsutra bead. Ashish tells I love you to her and leaves.

On the other hand, Avni begs to Dayavanti and asks her to free Asha from jail. Dayavanti has planned to take revenge and stop Avni from entering Neela’s life. She tells Avni that there is just one price for Asha’s freedom, and that’s Avni leaving from the fashion show competition. She does not want Avni to earn a name. Avni gets a shock. What will Avni decide? Keep reading.



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