Colors’ Mini Spoilers


Shakti:Soumya does not know what she is experiencing. She is going through a lot of mixed emotions. Soumya is worried and does not know what to do. Harman finds her worried after seeing Preeto’s anger drama.

Harman and Soumya fight over occupying the room bed. Harman and Soumya offer the comfort sleep on the bed to each other. Soumya gets angry after arguing with Harman. Harman says you are angry with me, I have an idea to make you smile. Harman talks to her and pacifies her. He holds her hand and takes her out for a walk in the garden. They have a talk. It thunders in the sky, and Soumya tensely hugs Harman.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Simar does Anjali’s welcome. Anjali comes home for the patphere rasam. Khushi and Simar do her aarti. Anjali feels emotional and thinks she loves her family. She hugs Prem. When Simar comes infront, Anjali holds her anger and does not say anything. Anjali talks to Piyush. Everyone is happy to meet Anjali.

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Suraj and Chakor got the lead of some man, who can tell them about Ragini. Ragini laid the trap for them. Suraj and Chakor enter some house and find jailer Yadav tied. They free the jailer and think he can help them in filing case against Bhaiya ji. Ragini comes infront of them, and tells how she has laid the trap to get Suraj. Suraj and Chakor, come face to face with Ragini at her secret place. Ragini aims gun at them. She tells Suraj that she will kill him and gift his dead body to Bhaiya ji, then Bhaiya ji will be happy with her and announce her as his heir.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Thapki is bringing much confusion. She does not tell Bihaan that she is his Thapki. She cries and is hurt to hurt Bihaan’s heart. There is love triangle between Kabir, Thapki and Bihaan. Bihaan drinks wine and comes home. He tells Vaani how much he loves Thapki. Bihaan understands Vaani is Thapki. Though she tries Bihaan should understand she is Vaani, Bihaan’s belief is strong. Kabir is Thapki’s friend and helping her. He tells I love you to Vaani, and asks Bihaan to clear his confusion about Vaani. Thapki cries seeing real love and feelings in Bihaan’s eyes.


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