Shivay and Anika’s relation turns bitter in Ishqbaaz


Sahil consoles Anika and gets to know what all happened. Anika gets Daksh’s call. He asks her why did she come without telling him. Anika says I hurriedly came home for Sahil. Daksh acts good to her. Anika sees Shivay’s picture in newspaper.

Anika hugs the picture and cries. Daksh sees Anika on the screen, and gets raging seeing her hug Shivay’s picture. Daksh’s creepy face gets revealed in this episode, that he was the masked guy who has made attacks on Anika. Daksh is Anika’s obsessed lover. He tells her that he can see she is crying. Anika asks him how can he see her. He lies that by heart eyes, he can see his love. Daksh gets a psycho side again in his anger. He recalls placing the black doll and monitoring her every move.

Daksh has got crazy about Anika. Daksh seems to really keep her happy and prevent sorrows, but by making Shivay away from her, which would just all her happiness. He calls Shivay her past and demands that Anika should forget Shivay. He wants to make sure that she does not have any feelings for Shivay.

Daksh finds it wrong and shouts Anika loves Shivay and is marrying me. He can’t bear this and burns up Shivay’s picture, shouting he will make Anika love him. He asks Anika why can’t she see his love. He is determined to break Anika and Shivay’s love story from completing.

Anika gets back to work and comes across Shivay. Anika sinks in work, while Shivay tries to talk to her. Anika gets distanced every time. Shivay still keeps following her to share a conversation. Anika gets stressed out by the arrangements work. Shivay sees her working hard. He asks the driver to drop Anika home after her work ends. Anika has huge misunderstandings in her mind. Though she loves Shivay, she starts distancing herself. Later, Anika gets tired by the work and continues to finish it soon. Shivay stays at her side, looking after her, unknown of Daksh’s bad intentions. Keep reading.



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