Gopi and Radhika’s challenge gets more drama in Saath Nibhana Saathiya


Jaggi and Radhika exchange garlands. There is a wedding drama in Modi house. Gopi had given the garlands to Jaggi, and he angrily made Radhika wear the garlands. Jaggi is trying to involve Gopi in every rasam so that she tells her emotions.

Gopi is worried for Kokila. Urmila and Jaggi are trying to stop the marriage, but Radhika is keeping an eye on them. Radhika is clever and knows Gopi is also upto something. She is sure the marriage will happen. Radhika came in the house to steal jewelry, but to challenge Gopi, Radhika is keen to marry Jaggi. The main motive of Radhika of stealing the idol will be executed. Mangesh is supporting Radhika. Jaggi is upset, and even the family looks unhappy seeing the marriage rituals.

Jaggi wants Gopi to confess her feelings. Radhika is trying hard to finish the marriage soon so that she can get the gold idol. Gopi gets to know Kokila is kidnapped by Radhika. Radhika fixes a bomb to Kokila. Gopi sees the bomb and tries to defuse it to save Kokila. Gopi has two big tasks next, to save Kokila’s life, and stop Jaggi and Radhika’s marriage. How will Gopi expose Radhika? Keep reading.


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