Suraj and Chakor start collecting clues against Ragini in Udaan


Yogesh’s men kidnap Chakor and Suraj. Tejaswini and Kasturi get into an argument. Kasturi sends her out of the house to wash her clothes. Tejaswini finds her life miserable. She heads to wash her clothes near the street tap.

Ranjana and Bhaiyaji laugh seeing Tejaswini washing clothes. Suraj manages to stop Yogesh from getting married to Chakor. Suraj tells Yogesh that Chakor is a marathon winner, and his wife. Yogesh asks Suraj and Chakor to prove they are husband and wife. Yogesh asks them to kiss each other. Suraj and Chakor refuse for it. Yogesh’s sister asks the men to catch Chakor and Suraj. Chakor and Suraj manage to escape. They get info about a house, and secretly enter the house to find about Ragini.

On the other hand, Vivaan eats food sent by Imli in the tiffin and finds himself lucky to get such loving wife. He happily praises Imli for her cooking skills. Imli is worried if Vivaan knows the job truth. Ranjana angrily locks Imli in the room in Vivaan’s absence. Keep reading.


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