Pragya’s pregnancy news to shock Abhi in Kumkum Bhagya


Everyone get shocked knowing Nikita/Pragya is pregnant. Aaliya asks Tanu what does she feel of this news. Tanu asks Aaliya to ask Abhi, as he is always with Nikita. Abhi and Nikita/Pragya were going to have coffee. Pragya fainted in the car.

Abhi gets Pragya home and calls doctor. Doctor checks Pragya and tells everyone that Nikita is pregnant. Tanu and Aaliya get angry. Tanu taunts Abhi how does he not know of Nikita’s pregnancy. Abhi asks Nikita how did she hide such a big thing, when he has given her chance to enter his life. Pragya says she is not pregnant, and there is nothing like that. Abhi believes her pregnancy and asks her who is the father of this child. Dadi and Pragya get shocked. This pregnancy news will stop Abhi and Tanu’s marriage. Pragya is using same tricks as Tanu to stop Abhi’s marriage. Keep reading.


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