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Telly Spoilers Shakti Ishq SubhanAllah Top 7 Today

Ishqbaaz: Shivay fills sindoor in Anika’s hairline, while her face is covered in ghunghat. He makes her wear the mangalsutra, while hiding her face from everyone. The family does not know whom is Shivay marrying. They all are glad that Shivay is marrying Tia.

Anika has tears in her eyes and makes Shivay wear the varmala. Pinky does their ghatbandhan. Pinky is happy for this famous Shitia marriage. No one knows that bride is swapped. Shivay is lucky to get Anika as his life partner. Dadi gets happy to get Anika as her grandbahu. Even Omkara and Rudra get happy as they always wanted Shivay and Anika to pair up, instead Shivay and Tia. Shivay and Anika have love for each other in heart, and now the marriage happened. Love has happened, and just love confession is left. It will also happen soon.


Dayavanti fails to break Avni’s self esteem. The goons come to Asha’s house to attack Avni. Avni, Ali and Kia teach the goons a lesson, by beating them up. The thieves get troubled by the kids. They try to attack the kids by a thief, but using the kitchen handy items, Avni smartly manages the goons.

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Santoshi Maa:

Devi Paulmi have controlled Madhu’s senses and filled much anger and hatred in her. Madhu is ready to give Ankur’s sacrifice and blame Santoshi for Ankur’s murder. Madhu and Ankur have tried to give poison to Santoshi to kill the baby in her womb. They both failed in harming the baby and breaking Dhairya and Santoshi’s relation. Madhu thinks to give more poison to Ankur and kill him, so that she can tell the family that Santoshi has given the poisoned milk and apple to Ankur while acting to take care of Ankur.

Ankur does not know Madhu’s madness and the evil plans. He pleads Madhu to admit him in the hospital, as his stomach ache is increasing. Madhu does not listen to Ankur, and gives him the poisoned apple. Madhu is sure Ankur will die. Madhu calls the police and shouts that Ankur is dead. She tells inspector that Santoshi has poisoned her son and killed her. The inspector arrests Santoshi. Santoshi knows her innocence and prays to Santoshi Maa for help. Santoshi Maa gets angered seeing the evil hurting Santoshi and comes to her rescue.

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya:

Gopi shouts that Jaggi will not marry Radhika. She tells everyone that marriage will happen today, but not with Radhika, Jaggi will marry me. There is much drama. Kokila says you can’t marry Jaggi. Gopi tells her that she is risking her life to save Jaggi from Radhika, as she is Jaggi’s friend. Kokila says you are ruining your life like this, and asks her not to marry Jaggi. Radhika and Mangesh manage to escape and get the bomb to surprise the Modis. Radhika tells them that she has the bomb and remote in her hand. She says I will kill all of you if you all act smart and asks them to save themselves. She throws the bomb in the mandap and runs with Mangesh.

P.O.W. – Bandi Yuddh Ke:

Imaan and Nazneen celebrate at Sartaj’s home with his family. On Imaan’s words, Sartaj thinks to give his life another chance and value Harleen for her good qualities. Imaan asks Sartaj not to be insecure and be thankful to Harleen for doing all his duties in his absence. Sartaj gets on a payback mind and wants to give much happiness to Harleen. Harleen is happy seeing Sartaj’s real efforts in their relation.

Vikram convinces Ayaan to spy on Imaan by breaking him down for his mistake to vacate college by a hoax call. Ayaan gets frustrated to do this, but agrees to Vikram to save his own future. There will be new entry in the show. Indira Jai Singh is a young documentary filmmaker. She makes an entry in Singh family to make a documentary on Sartaj Singh. She will be capturing the life of Sartaj, who is a war hero. Indira will be the one who encourages Sartaj to relive his life. She will also try to get him closer to Harleen.


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