TGI Friday’s Spoilers


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:Shagun is back home with Mani and Aaliya. She blames Ishita. She says Ishita is moving on and taking divorce from Raman. She says Ishita has done all this. Mani and Aaliya support Ishita and know very well that Ishita is not characterless. Mani asks Shagun not to blame Ishita for wrong things.

Devanshi: Devanshi has saved Maa Kusum Sundari’s suhaag/husband Ishwar. This made her famous and the center of attention of the media and devotees of Jwalapuri. Kusum can’t bear Devanshi winning all the praises instead her. Kusum fumes and comes up with a plan to get dressed as Kaali Maata. Kusum tells everyone that Ghungroo Wali Maiyya has chosen Devanshi as the new power to look after Jwalapuri’s welfare. Devanshi gets more fame by Kusum’s acknowledgement. Kusum tells everyone that Devanshi will be sitting on her throne from now on and get the responsibility of Jwalapuri in her head. Little Devanshi gets worried and runs to Mata Kusum to return all the powers. Kusum sees her victory and still plays around. She renames Devanshi as Choti Mata, and challenges Sarla to make ordinary girl Devanshi do all the miracles without any cheat. Devanshi has to face many challenges.

Devanshi does the puja and aarti in Kusum’s temple in Kusum’s place. Devanshi has got the big responsibility of the entire village. Sarla is happy and wants to fail Kusum’s plans. Sarla chants Devanshi’s name and uses all the villagers’ devotion in her favor. Kusum has made her new plan. Mohan tells Devanshi that the village is suffering from an epidemic. Devanshi worries seeing the ailing people. Kusum feels sorry that Devanshi has to manage all this now. The people cry and pray to Choti Mata Devanshi. Devanshi finds a tough challenge when she is responsible for saving a dying villager. Devanshi has to save the man’s life by doing anything.

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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi:

Dev gets emotional and hugs Ishwari. Dev hugs Sonakshi, Ishwari and his sisters. All the problems ended on his birthday. Ishwari and Sonakshi have thrown a party for Dev on his birthday. Ishwari gave an emotional speech for Dev. Dev got tearful eyes and hugs all his family. There was miscommunication between Sonakshi and Ishwari. They did not tell each other about their plans. Ishwari apologizes to Sonakshi in front of all the guests. Ishwari tells Sonakshi that she would have not kept the party if she knew of Sonakshi’s plans. The family has to know the truth that Sonakshi can’t conceive. That will bring a big twist.


Chakor has turned into a spy to find evidence against Bhaiya ji. Chakor and Suraj have saved jailer Yadav. Chakor asks Yadav about the evidence. Yadav helps them and tells the place where he has kept the evidence. Chakor has to get the recordings and evidences soon. Bhaiya ji’s man reaches the godown and wants to kill Yadav. Suraj’s servant gets to see that man and hits on his head to faint him. Yadav gives some details to Suraj and Chakor, by which they get hope to get Bhaiya ji arrested again.

Naagin 2: Rudra takes Shivangi’s avatar and attracts the enemies to the jungle. Sesha and Avantika have injured Rudra thinking she is Shivangi. Rudra falls down on the ground. Sesha and Avantika leave. Shivangi comes there to the jungle and sees Rudra injured. Shivangi gets worried seeing him and runs to get some herbs for him. By Shivangi’s healing, Rudra gets fine. Rudra meets Shivangi. She gets glad seeing Rudra back in action. Rudra starts falling in love with Shivangi. As of now, their mission is to attack their enemies.


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