Rocky’s special surprise for Shivangi in Naagin 2


Shivangi and Rocky have a romantic moment. Rocky madly loves Shivangi and is trying all the things to impress Shivangi. Rocky wants Shivangi’s attention and gives a beautiful surprise to Shivangi by getting the romantic scenario in sight.

Rocky created Shivangi’s village setup. He takes Shivangi out and makes an excuse of car breaking down. He then leaves Shivangi alone in the farmhouse. He got the snow machine at the terrace and starts it. He calls out Shivangi and tells her to recall their meets on Songadh. He shouts that he got the same love for her again. Shivangi worries seeing Rocky standing on the roof and asks him to come down. Rocky was about to fall, and Shivangi holds him. They have a beautiful moment. Shivangi does not know Rocky’s love for her is true or not. She gets in a dilemma over Rocky’s sweet gesture.



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