Gopi’s exit and Gaura’s entry to bring much drama in Saathiya


Gopi cries and prays for Kokila. Gopi has come to seek Kanha’s blessings for Kokila. She asks Kanha ji to save Kokila. She regrets seeing Kokila in trouble. Jaggi supports Gopi, even when Gopi scolds him in anger. Gopi can’t bear her family in problem.

Jaggi consoles her that everything will be happy in some days. Gopi shouts on him that nothing will get fine in few days. She is worried as Kokila’s health is deteriorating. Jaggi has made Kokila upset by insisting to marry Gopi. Jaggi tells Urmila that Gopi is angry on him, as she feels he is wrong, but he is not wrong as he loves Gopi. Jaggi takes Gopi’s bitter words light. He also cries seeing her crying. He tells Urmila that he will try best to support Gopi. Jaggi and Gopi pack their bags to leave from Modi house and not trouble Kokila more. The family worries seeing Gopi leaving. On the other hand, Gaura makes an entry back home. Dharam and family are shocked seeing her weak state. Meera feels bad for Gaura, but knows Gaura will do something. Gaura falls down, and Dharam runs to help her. Gaura wins everyone’s sympathy by showing her vulnerable side. Shravan takes care of Gaura. Gaura will be planning against Meera again. There will be big storm by Gaura’s entry. Keep reading.



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