YHM Alert: Ishita gets arrested; Troubles for Bhallas again


Vidyut is called to the police station, as his fan has committed suicide. Raman also gets the call by Abhishek. Raman and Vidyut meet Abhishek. Abhishek and Ishita are trapped now.

An obsessed fan takes her life by her unstable mind, but Vidyut falls in big problem. Vidyut and Raman try to resolve the matter. Raman and Ishita are also in trouble, as the fans blames Ishita to be the reason for her suicide. Ishita did acting to be in love with Vidyut to Pihu’s sake. Knowing Vidyut’s love for Ishita, the fan has committed suicide. Bhalla family is again in tension. Raman understands that Shagun has spoilt the custody case also. Shagun will using this matter in her favor. Raman worries that he can lose Pihu again because of this problem. While the women in Bhalla house are happy with Ishita’s return, there comes a shock. Abhishek comes there to arrest Ishita.

The family gets a shock knowing the girl’s suicide matter. Abhishek tells Ishita about the suicide note and it only points to her. The girl’s parents come with Abhishek and are angry on Ishita. They want the police to punish Ishita and Vidyut for provoking their daughter to take this step. The lady scolds Ishita for having an extra marital affair. Raman gets angry on the lady for saying bad to Ishita. Raman scolds the lady and calls a lawyer to take help for the case. Ishita is arrested. Raman and Vidyut go along to prove Ishita’s innocence. Abhishek is sure Ishita will be proved innocent and thinks why was she involved with Vidyut. Shagun adds up troubles and comes as witness to give statement against Ishita. What will Raman do now? Keep reading.

Earlier in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Raman and Ishita reach Adelaide for Pihu. Raman tells Ishita thar they got separated becuase of Pihu, and Ruhi united them now. Raman hopes that their family will be uniting soon. Raman and Ishita wish to stay with Adi, Ruhi and Pihu together.

Raman spends quality time with both his daughters Ruhi and Pihu. The girls are happy to meet after a long time. Vidyut fools Ruhi that Ishita and he have an affair. Ruhi’s happiness gets into tension seeing Ishita with Vidyut. Later, Ishita meets Raman and tells about how Vidyut has tricked Ruhi, and made her believe of their affair. Raman asks Ishita not to worry, and informs her about Shagun and Vidyut’s friendship. Raman got to know that Vidyut is dating Shagn and fears that his plan maybe known to Shagun. While Raman tells this to Ishita, they come up with a plan to take Vidyut’s help again. Raman and Ishita hug, and get spotted by Shagun.

After everything get sorted, and Pihu gets to see Shagun’s real face, Raman and Ishita happily return home, while Vidyut’s fan has sent a gift for him. Vidyut gets the call from his fan. The female fan is mad about Vidyut. Vidyut scolds her and asks her not to spread false rumors. He tells Raman that this girl is mad and has crossed all limits. Vidyut’s obsessive fan is after him always. She is spreading the news of their marriage, which angers Vidyut. The fan creates troubles for Vidyut.


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