Colors’ Mini Spoilers

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Swaragini: Swara came with evidences and tells Abhimanyu that he can’t get saved today. Sanskar, Ragini and Swara confront Abhimanyu. Swara is interrogating Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu was denying everything what Swara and Ragini were saying. Sanskar loses his cool and goes to beat Laksh. Sanskar tells Mansi that he will not leave her. Laksh will return to his family soon.

Naagin 2:Sesha goes to Rocky by taking Shivangi’s avatar. She gets a big shock on holding Rocky. Sesha asks Rocky not to come close to her, as she is getting shocks by his touch. Yamini laughs seeing Sesha getting shocks. They had a bet. Yamini told Sesha that she can’t hug Rocky. Yamini made Sesha wear the Garuda locket, by which any Naagin will get the shock by coming in contact with him. Sesha asks Yamini why did she not tell her about the locket. Yamini tells Sesha that Sesha has lost, and now Sesha has to dance on her fingers. Sesha gets angry. Yamini plays Naagin song and dances. Later, Rocky goes to room and gets romantic with Shivangi. He hugs Shivangi, and she gets a shock. Shivangi and Rocky do not understand what is happening. Shivangi falls far from him.

Shakti:Surbhi comes to meet Soumya. Soumya is glad seeing Surbhi after a long time. Preeto thinks to spoil Soumya’s happiness and finds a way to upset Soumya. Harman gives a gift to Soumya and makes her smile.

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Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Bihaan and Kabir get into a fight but Thapki comes in right time and stops them. Bihaan had doubt on Kabir and checks his bag. He gets a girl’s pic from Kabir’s bag. Bihaan had seen Kabir leaving at night and coming home in morning. Bihaan confronts Kabir about the girl. Kabir does not answer him as he has none in his family to worry him. He threatens Bihaan. They both fight. Later, Kabir makes a picnic plan and the family agrees. Bihaan refuses to go on picnic, but he goes with them to be around Vaani. Bihaan and Kabir are making plans. Kabir’s background story will be seen connecting with Bihaan. Kabir is angry and wants to kill Bihaan to take revenge.

Devanshi realizes the epidemic can spread from the water well. She tells Omi about her doubt as disease can be water-borne too. Before Devanshi finds a solution and goes to fetch clean water for the dying person, Kusum comes back in Jwalapuri with a dramatic entry. Kusum emerges put of the well with water fountains around her, showing her miracle to everyone. Kusum tells everyone that she got to know about the epidemic and has come to save her village. Devanshi is not regarded Choti Mata anymore. Sarla understands that Kusum has played this game to ruin Devanshi’s fate. Kusum tells everyone that Devanshi is too young and needs guidance. She takes Devanshi under her care and asks Sarla to stay away from Devanshi. She wants to assure Sarla loses Devanshi forever. Kusum announces that Devanshi will stay with her, but she does not know Devanshi will become her Kaal.

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