Dadi to bring Shivay-Anika together in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz: New twists mark beginning of fresh love tale

Anika fails to run out of reach of Shivay and gets surrounded by Shivay again. Shivay asks her to come along for marriage. Anika does not listen to Shivay and calls him mentally unstable to force her for marriage this way. Anika is fearless and asks him what will he do, will he kidnap her.

Though she refuses to him, Shivay threatens her that he will kill Sahil if she tries to run away or refuses to marry him. Shivay asks her not to do this mistake of running away now. He tells her that she will marry him on her own now to save Sahil. Anika gets a shock seeing Sahil’s life in risk by Shivay’s move. Shivay proves his power and rich influence. Anika requests him to leave Sahil. Shivay makes him talk to Sahil. Sahil tells Anika that he is glad that she has sent car for him to attend Shivay’s marriage. Anika can’t believe Shivay can fall so low.

Next in Ishqbaaz

Shivay and Anika’s marriage was meant to be just for one day. Shivay sends Anika back to her house. Dadi cries and asks Shivay and Anika to keep the marriage. Anika tells Dadi how Shivay threatened to kill Sahil and made her marry him.

Shivay says I just threatened and did not do anything. Dadi cries seeing Shivay’s big mistake and tells Shivay that he did wrong. Dadi asks Anika to come back to Oberoi house, as her inlaws is her house now after marriage. Anika refuses to go with Shivay. Shivay argues with Anika and goes to break Anika’s mangalsutra. Anika tells Dadi that Shivay has forced me, he should have not got Sahil in this matter. Shivay asks Anika why did she interfere in his matter. Dadi asks both of them to stop it, and takes Anika’s side. She apologizes to Anika. She tells that this marriage happened against their wish as it was their destiny. Shivay tells that the marriage happened by Anika’s foolishness, as Tia has run away and Anika made Richa run away. Dadi explains the importance of mangalsutra to Anika and asks her why is she still wearing it if she left Oberoi mansion.

Dadi is sure Anika understands mangalsutra’s meaning, that’s why Anika did not remove the mangalsutra along with other jewelry. Dadi says I got my answer after all I came here to know what this marriage means for Anika. Dadi stops Shivay from removing mangalsutra saying its a sin to remove a mangalsutra from a married woman’s neck. Dadi tells Shivay to convince Anika to come with them, as if their fate is linked now, they have to stay together. She asks Shivay to ask Anika to come with them for his Dadi’s sake. Shivay asks Anika to come home. Anika finally agrees only for Dadi’s sake. There will be interesting twists in Oberoi family now, with many family politics from Tej’s side. Will Dadi be able to keep them together? Keep reading.


  1. How can the director show like this. Though shivay did wrong thing and also he is not guilty for that dadi is making anika to support the marriage. Why cant dadi give a tamacha for shivay for doing this. Also all the family members should stand against shivay and should show sympathy towards anika. But here everything is opposite. Shivay is hero as always. Om should stop speaking from shivay because of his inhuman behavior with anika as per om’s character. Why should always girl take blame on herself though she is right. This show is really showing the if rich people treat common people as commodity then it is not wrong. Story writers write half story properly but will do whatever they want after that. Please not tv show gives a message to the society. Dont play with that


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