High Five Spoilers

Tujhse Hai Raabta Bahu Begum Top 5 Spoilers

Kumkum Bhagya:

There is a party going on. Abhi and Pragya argue in front of everyone. Aaliya tried to spoil Bunty and Babli birthday party. She announces Abhi and Tanu’s marriage news. Aaliya says there is a shocking news also. She was playing the pic of Nikita with some guy. But, the another video plays, where doctor tells that Nikita is not pregnant. They all understand that doctor lied at home. Everyone got to know Pragya is not pregnant. Dadi hugs Pragya. The tension ended on a good note. Abhi and Pragya then celebrate in the party. Dadi united them finally.


Bhaiya ji tells his plan to Ranjana that he does not want to kill Suraj, but wants to make his life worse than death. He stamps Suraj’s picture with the bandhua stamp, and tells Ranjana that he will make Suraj his bandhua. He asks Ranjana to stop Ragini from killing Suraj. Chakor gets to know that Yadav is working for Bhaiya ji, as Bhaiya ji has kept his family captive. She rushes to inform Imli and Vivaan for saving Suraj. Bhaiya ji gets to know that Ragini is hospitalized.


Shivay and Anika’s marriage was meant to be just for one day. Shivay sends Anika back to her house. Dadi cries and asks Shivay and Anika to keep the marriage. Anika tells Dadi how Shivay threatened to kill Sahil and made her marry him. Shivay says I just threatened and did not do anything. Dadi cries seeing Shivay’s big mistake and tells Shivay that he did wrong.


Maya is going to propose Arjun with a handcuff. She takes a ring and handcuff for Arjun. Maya feels everything is fair in love. Maya wants to cage Arjun in her love. Maya wants to end Saanjh’s love story. Arjun takes Maya to the hospital after she injures herself. Arjun hugs Mata and supports her. Saanjh and Ayaan come to the hospital and spot Arjun with Maya. Maya thinks Arjun’s support is his love for her. Maya waits for Arjun’s reply. Arjun meets her at office and refuses to her proposal. Maya fires him from the job. Maya will find some way to get Arjun.

Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hai?:

Tiwari ji is arrested for murder blame. Angoori cries and says no, this can’t happen. The inspector is arresting him, while Angoori’s screams do not work to stop Tiwari ji. Vibhuti and Anita come running to see the matter. They also get shocked hearing Tiwari did murder. They say this can’t happen as Tiwari can’t even kill a mosquito. Inspector tells them that Tiwari has accepted the crime. Anita asks Tiwari did he kill anyone. Tiwari accepts that he has murdered someone. Anita gets angry and asks inspector to take Tiwari as he is a criminal. Vibhuti explains Anita that Tiwari can’t do this, and asks Tiwari to tell the truth. Angoori got this dream before that Tiwari is in jail. Angoori speaks to her mum and finds a solution that if Tiwari does a small crime and goes to jail for few days, then Tiwari will be saved from big punishment. Tiwari goes to Anita and Vibhuti’s bedroom at night and steals their clothes from cupboard. He wants them to send him to jail, but Anita and Vibhuti find him mad.


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