Naira’s take on Akshara’s loss and Kartik….. in Yeh Rishta…

Yeh Rishta Extreme step by Naira shocks Goenkas

Naira has big sorrow. Akshara has died and Kartik is supposed to be the culprit. Naira can’t imagine how her life changed in a single moment. She has lost her mother and also her love. Naira cries, but could not speak out her pain.

Everyone is sinking in Akshara’s memories. Naira makes everyone have food. She manages all the family members. The family members realize what is Naira going through, as Kartik is the one who did Akshara’s accident and Kartik will not be forgiven by anyone now. Naira now has responsibility to manage Singhania and Maheshwari families. She has to share Naitik’s sorrow and lessen it. Naira has to look after all the elders.

Everyone is shattered and does not know what to do. It is tough for everyone to believe that Akshara is not between them now. Naira has become tough to manage them, even when she is broken within. Naira has much pressure on her, as she has to see everyone’s opinion on Kartik and take a decision on her relation.


Naira can’t see Naitik’s bad state. Baisa hugs Naira and tells Naira that now they all have hopes from her to fill in Akshara’s place. Naira tells Baisa that she can’t take Akshara’s place, but she can just try. Naira has anger and hatred in heart for Kartik. She feels bad that Kartik did not listen to her when she was stopping him from driving.

When Kartik comes to meet her, Naira’s anger bursts on him. Naira scolds Kartik for doing Akshara’s accident. Kartik does not remember anything and tells Naira that he has not killed Akshara. Kartik’s blame has to be proved completely, but by his family backup, Kartik’s name gets cleared from the case. Kartik is told the story that he did not hit Akshara and he believes so. Naira is in dilemma over believing Kartik or not.

Naitik, Vishwamber, Rajshri, Bhabhimaa and Gayu do not forgive Kartik, but even their hearts know Kartik can’t do this. Having all the evidences against Kartik, the family is left with one option, that’s to break all relations with Kartik to calm down their anger, regret, sorrow and hatred. What will happen of Kartik and Naira’s relation? Keep reading.



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