Omkara gets suspicious about Shivay’s bride in Ishqbaaz


Pinky tells Shivay and Tia to come for the post marriage rituals. Shivay makes excuses that he is tired and they will do all rituals tomorrow. He tries to avoid all rituals and hide Anika from them. Pinky and Jhanvi try to convince him. He does not agree.

Omkara gets more suspicious. Dadi agrees to Shivay and asks Shivay to rest. Dadi sends everyone and decides to do all rituals tomorrow. Omkara asks Shivay to go to his room. Rudra gets emotional to share Shivay with Tia. Tia’s mom slaps Tia to run away from marriage, when Tia knew that merger and marriage were so important. Tia tells her mom about Dushyant forcing her to leave. Tia’s mom calls Dushyant a useless man. She asks Tia why did she make mistake to not marry Shivay, they are ruined now. Tia apologizes to her mom. Her mom does not forgive Tia. She tells Tia that Shivay will not be quiet after so much insult. She wanted Tia to marry Shivay for their financial stability, as Dushyant could not match up to their status. She fears Shivay will ruin them to settle scores.

Anika worries for Sahil and calls him to take his welfare. Sahil does not know of Anika and Shivay’s marriage. Anika keeps crying. Sahil asks her not to shed tears for Shivay and Tia’s marriage. She does not tell the truth to Sahil. She instructs him to be safe at home. Anika gets angry seeing Shivay. Shivay too is angered seeing her as his wife. Omkara checks the grah pravesh pictures. He spots Anika’s bracelet and gets a doubt that bride is Anika, not Tia. Anika keeps her demand and asks Shivay to let her go home. She feels bad to lie to the family. Shivay does not let her go home. He asks Anika to wait till everyone sleep.

Anika does not wish to wait for a moment in Shivay’s home. Shivay remarks that she always lies and cheats. Anika asks him when did she cheat. She calls him a big liar to cheat his entire family. He asks her to talk with manners. She calls him ill-mannered. He does not let her go out of the room and threatens her again.

Omkara is in tension by his doubt. Rudra asks Omkara not to doubt Shivay on his wedding night. Omkara takes Rudra along to clear his doubt. Shivay recalls Daksh and Anika’s relation and is still having big misunderstanding. He does not clear the matter. Shivay and Anika feel they have broken each other’s trust. Rudra tells about pandit words of inauspicious move to see bride’s face. Omkara does not care. Anika does not listen to Shivay and wants to leave from Oberoi Mansion. She asks Shivay not to stop her, as everyone will know of the truth. Shivay does not allow her. Anika asks him to stop her if he can. What will happen next? Keep reading.


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