Veer to run away; Sanjana’s truth gets exposed in Pardes


Naina is very happy and selects the jewelry for her. Naina and her family have a good time. Sanjana looks for Veer. Sanjana goes to Veer’s room to keep a love letter for him. Sanjana expresses her feelings to Veer, assuming he is present in the room. She gets shocked seeing Dadi.

Dadi warns Sanjana to stay away from Veer. Dadi understood that Sanjana likes Veer, and she has framed Raghav. Dadi cries thinking she made Raghav leave the house by the misunderstanding. Sanjana’s truth got out. Dadi regrets to make Raghav leave the home and misunderstand him. Raghav is proved innocent. Raghav has got scolded many times only because of Sanjana. Raghav has come back home. Veer is trying hard to stop the marriage.

Naina, Chanchal and Rajeev crack jokes and laugh. Asha is happy to see her short family happy. Sanjana was wishing to become Veer’s bride. Veer has run away from the house. Sanjana looks for him. Dadi asks Sanjana not to trap her grandsons. Sanjana does not care if Dadi knows her truth. Dadi scolds Sanjana and goes to meet Raghav. Dadi and Raghav get worried and look for Veer. Will Dadi come up with solution to get Naina and Raghav married, or will Raghav take the decision himself? There will be twist in marriage. Raghav will sit instead Veer in the mandap. Naina and Raghav will get married. Keep reading.


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