Colors’ Mini Spoilers


Naagin 2: Yamini gives the party arrangements responsibility to Shivangi and Rocky. Sesha tries to use this chance to get close to Rocky. Its Manav and Niddhi’s wedding anniversary. Sesha goes to Rocky in Shivangi’s avatar and gets a big shock by Garuda Mani.

Rocky is wearing a Garuda locket given by Kapalika to get saved by Naag. Sesha always agrees to Yamini, hoping she gets Rocky. But, she gets angry on Yamini for not telling her about Garuda locket worn by Rocky. Akhilesh is happy to be back. Yamini and Sesha get a shock seeing him. Shivangi sees him. Yamini takes Akhilesh’s blessings as he is her Jeth ji. Sesha gets angry seeing him and cries. Yamini tells Rocky that Akhilesh is her Jeth ji. He has come to trouble Yamini.

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Sasural Simar Ka:

After many years, Prem has realized his love for Simar again. Prem was angry on Simar and also himself for loving Simar. Now, the things got fine. Simar has won Prem’s trust and love back. Prem hurts himself angrily. Simar stops him. Prem and Simar pacify each other and cry. Prem apologizes to Simar and cries. Prem has understood that Simar will always stand by his side, even when the world gets against him. After Anjali’s marriage, Prem has realized his mistake of not believing Simar about Vikram’s truth. Prem cries and wants to make up for his mistakes. Simar has forgotten all the bitterness and asks Prem not to shatter like this, as they can’t change the truth that Anjali and Vikram are married now.


There is a big twist in Kasam. Malaika has shown Tanuja’s pregnancy reports to Rishi. Rishi asks Tanuja about her reports. He is much disappointed. He asks Tanuja why did she tell him that she loves him. Rishi confronts Tanuja for her pregnancy. He is shocked and tells Tanuja that he hates her for her big lie. He wishes he died before knowing of Tanuja’s deceive. Tanuja cries and is sad that Rishi does not trust her. Rishi regrets that he has seen Tanu in Tanuja. He feels Tanuja has used his emotions and cheated him. Tanuja bears all the blames.


Harman is drunk and is confessing love for Soumya. Harman shouts to his Gulabo Soumya that he loves her. Preeto and Harak get shocked. Soumya does not do what to do. Harman has made his family ashamed. Harman’s family gets embarrassed. Harman reaches the outhouse and shouts to Soumya. Preeto tries to stop Harman. Harman shouts and creates a scene. Neighbors come and get shocked hearing Harman, that he loves a kinner. Preeto is worried. Harak’s respect gets stained by Harman’s doings.


Ragini aims gun at her head and getting mad. She tries to commit suicide. Bhaiya ji and Ranjana come to her and stop Ragini. Ragini tells Bhaiya ji that he has slapped her and saved Suraj. She does not want to live now. Bhaiya ji consoles Ragini and tells his plan. Chakor tells Bhaiya ji that she is going to meet the documentary director. Bhaiya ji allows her to go and had made a plan ready to execute in Chakor’s absence.


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