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Pardes: Naina and Raghav get married in the mandap, which was meant for Naina and Veer. Raghav marries Naina to save Mehra family reputation when Veer has run away. Naina and Raghav value each other, more than anything.


Jaggi and Gopi have new enemies. They get spying to find their new enemies. Gopi sees Paridhi acting weird and leaving from the house. Gopi follows Paridhi. He gets doubtful about her. Jaggi and Gopi do not know who is planning against them. Paridhi steals Jaggi’s boxing gloves from his room. Gopi wonders why is Paridhi doing this. She catches Paridhi. Jaggi is starting his wrestling business. Paridhi wants to ruin his new work. Paridhi and Sona lie that Kokila is making them do this. Gopi gets shocked and does not believe them. Paridhi says Kokila is behind this and asks Gopi not to ask Kokila, else Kokila will not leave them.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Mrs. Bhalla has a new problem. Ishita and Raman have big tension again. Mrs. Bhalla doubts that Mr. Bhalla have an affair. Mrs. Bhalla gets angry on Mr. Bhalla that he did not share his mobile password. She does not want him to hide anything from her. She tells Ishita about her doubt on Mr. Bhalla. Ishita pacifies her. Someone is after Simmi and sending her flowers. Simmi is happy these days and goes out of home for some time. Mrs. Bhalla thinks whom did Simmi meet. Suhail comes to Bhalla house with Ruhi. Everyone asks them how did they come together. Raman gets angry and warns Suhail to be away from Ruhi. Ishita stops Raman.

Jamai Raja:

Gangu Tai keeps a Ganpati puja to get peace at home and get all problems away from their lives. Mahi gets kidnapped by Aleena. Gangu Tai worries seeing Mahi gone missing. Someone dies by Mahi’s hands and she is sent to jail. Satya is shocked seeing Mahi getting hanged. Satya gets ready to marry Aleena. Satya and Payal will come together to save Mahi from the murder blame.

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Dadi insists Shivay to keep the marriage with Anika. Dadi tries keeping them together. Rudra does not like Tia and creates hurdles for Tia. Tia is angry seeing Anika with Shivay. She makes plans to kick out Anika from Shivay’s life. Tia taunts Anika for wearing her clothes and taking her place to do the post marriage rituals. Tia is upset and much angry. She asks Anika to remember that Shivay is going to marry her.

Tia humiliates Anika once again. Anika does not say anything to defend herself. Tia tells Anika that Oberoi family is her inlaws, and Shivay will do the rituals with her. Shivay and Anika complete all the post marriage rituals to keep up Dadi’s wish. Dadi and Pinky argue. Pinky accepts Tia as her bahu, while Dadi accepts Anika as her bahu. They have an argument. Shivay hands over divorce papers to Anika as the wedding gift.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Naira gets to know that a third car was also present at accident site at Akshara’s death time. Naira goes to meet Kartik in police station, but he does not talk to her. Suwarna tells Naira to trust Kartik and learn love from him. Naira starts her investigations to find out who has killed Akshara. Naira starts believing in Kartik.


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